Holiday Tips for Responsible Travelers


You have planned your trip and traveled safely. So, how do you behave responsibly at your travel destination? Here are holiday tips for responsible travelers that will enable you to enjoy a smooth and fulfilling vacation.

Hire a Local Tour Guide

Hiring a local tour guide will enable you to discover more about your travel destination, the locals, their culture, and the landscape. You will also discover the most wonderful sailing, biking or hiking spot when you hire a local expert. Having a local for a guide is also a great way to support the economy of your destination. In countries like Kenya, poachers are becoming guides and conservationists. It’s only by supporting their economy that travelers can support and protect the wildlife.

Be Selecting when Shopping

Don’t purchase products that are made from hard woods, ancient artifacts, or endangered species. Corals and shells should not be removed where they belong. If you want to buy local gems, check the ethics and the legality of the act first.

Show Respect to the Locals and Their Cultures

You will enjoy your vacation more if you show people and their cultures some respect. For instance, show respect by avoiding taking photos where the act is not allowed. Also avoid dressing inappropriately, disrespecting other people’s religious traditions, or making unnecessary noise. Don’t forget that there are people that call your travel destination their home. Therefore, treat the place the way you would like other people to treat your home.

Conserve Water

People are giving carbon footprint the attention it deserves. Water is an important and scarce resource. So, if you are requested to monitor your water usage, do so. Think again before you take three showers per day in a country that is facing drought issues.

These are just some of the holiday tips for responsible travelers. It’s also important that you consider using public transport, walk or use a bike. This will enable you to reduce carbon emissions and pollution while meeting the local people.