Important Travel Apps to Have in Your Smartphone


Your Smartphone is one of the things that you should never leave behind when travelling. Besides, Arturo from GT Roofing San Antonio says that just enabling you keep in touch with the rest of the world and capturing memories, it can also keep useful resources to help you with planning and managing the trip. Today, there are many Smartphone travel apps that you can use to prepare for and ensure a great trip. Whether you go on trips often or once in a while, below are important travel apps to have in your Smartphone.


This is a sophisticated travel booking app, ideal for planning trips. Owing to the expensive nature of travels, it is just in order that you know a few tricks to save money when booking flights. With this application, you only need to input your travel plan into the system and, it will automatically tell you the most suitable times to book flights.

Duolingo – Language App

This is perhaps, one of the must-have apps for international travelers. If you are visiting a remote destination where people only communicate in the local language, learning a few phrases beforehand is advisable. Through an entertaining game, this app can help you learn several languages on-the-go including French, Japanese, German, Spanish among others.

Culture Trip

Even after doing thorough research about your travel destination, you may still not easily find the best places to visit and things to do upon arrival. And, this can be very disappointing. This application provides recommendations for local attractions and activities in various travel destinations across the world. It allows you to create a profile, read, like and even bookmark stories shared therein.

Based on your profile, the Culture Trip app can conduct a search and provide suggestions for places to visit and activities that complement your interests.

Other important travel apps that you should also have in your Smartphone include Uber – Taxi Booking App and LoungeBuddy. Most of these apps are compatible with Android and iOS but, always check for compatibility before installing them.