Is Traveling a Hobby?


Generally, people have different views on whether traveling is a hobby or not. There are those who travel because their jobs require visiting new places across the world. Some people also travel as a way of finding themselves and improving their lives. Others go on trips to break away from their daily monotonous routines. Nevertheless, traveling is an important part of life that everyone seeks to experience every once in a while.

To answer the above question, it is important that you first define what a hobby is. A hobby refers to an activity, enthusiasm, interest or a past time that one engages in to relax and derive pleasure. Another critical aspect of a hobby is that it is undertaken at an individual’s own time. Besides, an activity can only qualify as a hobby if it is done consistently or after every short period of time.

A hobby can involve a wide range of activities based on an individual’s interests and capabilities. The activities can also vary based on the environment. Unlike other activities, a hobby requires active participation, which means the individual must take part in it. It should also be noted that a hobby can be free or paid.  However, it is not an occupation that requires fulltime commitment.

Traveling is Partly a Hobby  

Based on the above discussion, it can be said that traveling is partly a hobby. This is because, traveling is fun and relaxing. Besides, it is an activity that many people only engage in at their own times, especially during holidays or whenever they want a break from their regular lives. While there are regular travelers, many people only travel a few times or once a year.

To some people traveling is a hobby that they only engage in once in a while. However, there are also savvy regular travelers who view it as a way of life. Overall, traveling is an exciting experience with numerous health, educational and social benefits.